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Projects and Campaigns

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    About the House of Children

    Help us to build the House for Children. It will be a new, modern, contemporary House for Children from across the country. A place for events and training center for development of skills that will be needed TOMORROW in order our children to be successful people and leaders.

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    Report Card

    The National Network for Children’s annual report evaluates as in school whether the government and administration have fulfilled their commitments to the children in the last year.

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    Child Rights Hubs for Children in Conflict and Contact with the Law

    The main objective of the project, funded by the Velux Foundation, is to establish four Centers for children’s rights and piloting services aimed at children in conflict and in contact with the law.

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    Golden Apple Awards

    The National Network for Children founded the Golden Apple Awards to distinguish the contribution of public figures, ordinary people and organization, working to improve Bulgarian children live and welfare.

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    Child Participation

    The child participation guarantees children rights and suppose that children not only share their opinions freely, but also they are active participants in community and social processes, related to child-adult bonding, to acquire communication competence and to empower children.

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    Foster a child. Create future

    The foster care is an opportunity for children, deprived of own parents care to grow up in a family environment, to establish an emotional bond with the foster parents, to adopt social behavior models and to develop their potential to live independently.

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